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We have landed and made contact.
August 31, 2008, 10:57 pm
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I arrived in the Netherlands on Thursday, August 21.  Since then I have gone to a one week program (“summer school”) for international students and met people from around the world.  I share a flat with an Ethiopian girl who is studying Computer Science, also at TU Delft.  I am still getting settled into Delft, but buying a bike and a phone (albeit prepaid) makes things a lot easier.

I actually meet my faculty (Industrial Design Engineering) tomorrow.  I will make note of more things, but so far little things that are different include dedicated bike paths and traffic lights, a distinct lack of helmets, an abundance of fried food with mysterious contents, one-way paths for supermarkets, and a bathroom mirror subconsciously placed for tall people.


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Abundance of fried foods? You’ll need to do an entry on that one….

Comment by Lumberjack

Interesting stories, I’ll read more in the future.


Comment by yisheng yeh

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