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September 8, 2008, 7:03 pm
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Help Desk Guy!
Really, MIT?  It’s cute, but in some of the scenarios I’m a little confused as to whether Help Desk Guy is actually rubbing it in rather than helping.

… Passport-less Girl!
I was screwed over today because I left it at home.  Short story: I still have a balance of 0.01 euros in the bank, I am still without a T-mobile contract, and my prepaid phone is still out of minutes.

… DHL Guy!
After being pretty sure my degree and transcript should have come already, I asked for a tracking number from MIT and saw that indeed, they were somewhere near.  And indeed, someone has to sign for it (crap).  As I read the tracking information I almost felt a little sad for the delivery guy (as if it’s actually the same person).

… Ethiopian pasta sauce!
Tsigereda asked if there was something she could do to make anything better, and I suggested that we make dinner together.  Through the course of this I found out that (1) she doesn’t know I have been cooking, (2) she doesn’t like pasta, and (3) she had actually already eaten dinner.

Oh well, thanks for the food…  (I actually liked the ground red pepper.)


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You can always ask her what she’d normally eat. We’ve got these Ethiopian places that basically have you using very soft flatbread to scoop up pieces of stir fry. No idea if that’s something people eat on a regular basis, i.e. would it be akin to Chinese people eating spring rolls and fried wontons every day?

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