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Confessions of a lame Web 2.0-square
September 25, 2008, 11:03 pm
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I realized that the photo interface of my blog is not ideal, and that it has to do with what theme I picked from WordPress.  (So some themes have gallery navigation, while mine and several others that I like don’t.)  One solution is to use Flickr.

But I don’t know how to use Flickr.  I’ve only been on it maybe 7 times, ever.

I don’t know what del.icio.us is, but the address looks trendy.

I’ve only just started to listen to podcasts.  I still don’t know about that internet radio thing or other bling features that iTunes has, nor have I really acknowledged the superpowers of an Apple product.

I’m getting more comfortable with tagging, but don’t really know how it works for a blog.  Even less so for categories.  Sooner or later I will learn that it doesn’t matter.

I have seen the twitter website once and it felt a little chaotic to read a bunch of broadcasts.

I don’t visit sites like digg.com, because I can’t tell what’s actually important to look at.

And I still haven’t touched RSS feeds.  It feels like evil, uncontrollable email.

There, I said it.  I feel better now.


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Flickr!!!!! You know you want to.

Comment by Hamster

Basically here’s the normal trajectory: you get all enamored with these “Web 2.0” technologies, and you plug into a bunch of stuff. After a while, you realize that most of it is regurgitated, redundant, and mostly irrelevant gossip, and you end up focusing on a handful of sources that are actually primary sources and useful.

Comment by Lumberjack

So does this mean I can cut the jaded part and you can tell me what’s useful?

Comment by concon

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