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Project Update: Design Manifestation
October 12, 2008, 4:50 pm
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One of the reasons I haven’t posted in a while is because I thought I had my project figured out for Design Manifestation and I got minorly smacked down at tutorial on Tuesday.  My original idea was to design a fondue set for cab drivers, but fondue incidentally is more kitchy and less high class here (and possibly everywhere else) than it seems to be in the States.  While I was discussing this with Henri and Yoshi last night as to why a fondue set could work in other respects, I decided to rethink my product.

Assignment recap: come up with a target group and a product that are as exclusive as possible in terms of lifestyle.  Then design the product so that the user is invited to incorporate it into his/her life.  Examples in the past include a tool kit for “cosmo girls” and a lunch box for nuns.

At any rate, I’ve unofficially decided on a spa facial kit for New York cab drivers.  I argue that many cab drivers are toilers, those who work a lot and hard for whatever money they can earn.  They are usually men, while spa treatments and facials are usually targetted towards women (typically those who have the time and money).  However the cab driver faces potentially a lot of stress during his day: traffic, passengers, and a meter constantly reminding him of time and money.  Despite the cab being a symbol of NYC, the driver himself is often not respected nor trusted.  And here is potentially where a little relaxation may be welcome.

Yes?  No?  Maybe?  We’ll see how it goes.


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How’s about a gun for gun-control advocates?

Comment by Lumberjack

I believe that brings ethics into account. And what would you say is the lifestyle of gun-control advocates?

Comment by concon

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