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whistle while you work

Work has been all I’ve been up to since I got back to Delft last Sunday.  The semester doesn’t end until the end of the month, and I took an extra week of break to be at home.

It was great!  I had an awesome break.  I took a crapload of pictures and my net luggage was one 42-pound check-in.  (Granted, I was carrying some things back from the US as a favor to some friends.)  So far I just have pictures of my trip to the Creation Museum.

Creation Museum

Regarding the new year, I had three mental resolutions while on the flight back:
1) Don’t be lazy.
2) Be less self-conscious and shy.
3) Be less negative.

Shit.  Let me start over.

1) Do more!
2) Be more confident!
3) Be more positive!

That’s the spirit.  They’re resolutions that aren’t really new, but it’s nice to actually make them.

I haven’t been sharing a lot of schoolwork on here because there wasn’t much to show visually.  I’m still learning what is expected here, and while classes are starting to wrap up, I need to start making things.  We have a viewing of our Domestic Appliances videos on Wednesday, where there will be prizes and voting and all that fun stuff.  More updates to come.


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