bunnyfish adventures

come closAR

It’s been 2 weeks since I finished IDP and started my internship at V2_Lab to develop new concepts for how to access the massive AV archive of Beeld & Geluid, with a dash of augmented reality (AR). I’m working with four other students (fellow MITIDE, virtual theater & games [utrecht], new media studies [utrecht], arts & sciences [hague/leiden]).  Check out our progress here: Project CLOSER

I have 1.5 more weeks of Elementary II Dutch class (yes this is take 2, one year later). Nu kan ik Nederlands schrijven!  … No, actually this Delftse Methode is not doing it for me anymore. The rest is just practice…  (Meer oefenen… Pero también necesito practicar mi español. Muchas gracias a Alazne para seguir hablar conmigo. Necesito esto!)