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It’s been 2 weeks since I finished IDP and started my internship at V2_Lab to develop new concepts for how to access the massive AV archive of Beeld & Geluid, with a dash of augmented reality (AR). I’m working with four other students (fellow MITIDE, virtual theater & games [utrecht], new media studies [utrecht], arts & sciences [hague/leiden]).  Check out our progress here: Project CLOSER

I have 1.5 more weeks of Elementary II Dutch class (yes this is take 2, one year later). Nu kan ik Nederlands schrijven!  … No, actually this Delftse Methode is not doing it for me anymore. The rest is just practice…  (Meer oefenen… Pero también necesito practicar mi español. Muchas gracias a Alazne para seguir hablar conmigo. Necesito esto!)


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Entendido y anotado. Seguire el blog del proyecto.
Nos vemos pronto.

Comment by Anahi

– Archive bomb may not be that much of a joke: I gather it’s a historical repo, and the idea is to make you realize that history actually happened to people by making it happen to you. Flash mobs aside, there’s an opportunity to use geolocation and video/overlay capabilities of devices to show you pictures and videos of what happened in an area. For example, if you’re at a street corner and take a picture of a building, you can dig up (hopefully) images of that same view from 10, 20,30,50,100 years ago to get historical perspective. You can also pull up tidbits and statistics about an area you’re walking through, so you’re more aware of the history.

– For serenditipous discovery, esp in an AV archive, you’re going to need to have some sort of semantic association with the AV media. If you’ve got textual captions or summaries, that’s great. If not, you can always resort to having volunteers tag them for you. Even if you do have assets, volunteer tagging would be helpful, since archivists tend not to browse and think the way us normal humans would.

Comment by Eric

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