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did you think I was dead?
November 1, 2009, 1:03 pm
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Things are moving quite quickly these days, but I thought to share my instantaneous amusement.  As there are coincidental meetings and relationships between people, sometimes seemingly meaningless things in your life become prevalent by meeting each other.

Background #1: Last week, in order to make my trial cup of decaffeinated coffee more drinkable, I added some cocoa powder.  I bought it last year based off of the box art, because I couldn’t read anything in the grocery store anyway.

Background #2: My major project for the semester (IDP) involves re-designing the registration process so that it is smoother and the involved tools can be arranged to accommodate specific purposes.  Registration in the most general sense is the introduction or the prelude to something greater: an event, a membership, a service or experience.  Sometimes in registering you will have to register for other things, and you must wait for those to go through before moving on.


The Point: Mulling over this reminded me of recursive functions, when in the definition of such a function it calls on itself, and then it must wait until at some point, things are known and we can finish off the to-do list and move on.  Since it’s been some years since 6.001, I thought I would look up “iteration” and “recursion” before using these terms in our report.  The first thing I see under recursion is my cocoa powder.  It also ends up to be the name: the Droste effect.

So it ends up that my box of cocoa is kind of famous, and somewhat related to IDP.  Cool.


basic color skills to pay the bills
June 30, 2009, 1:47 am
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I uploaded some quick shots of one of my drawing electives this quarter.

a sander... or a lizard?  click for flickr

table sander

At first I was in agony over which classes to take this quarter, in particular how to spend 4 hours every Tuesday afternoon: “Drawing the Human Figure” or “Basic Colour Skills.” Koos warned me the former was the most difficult drawing class offered, but basic color sounds like it could be… well, lamer.

The system here is that you have to attend the first lecture to get into the class. Both being at the same time and worth the same amount of ECTS, the ten minutes before the first class I was running back and forth between drawing rooms, trying to decide which class to take based on who else was taking it. Human figure has favorite people from Multisensory! Basic color looks… unfamiliar and sedated.

Eventually I found the teachers, also making it difficult. Human figure was taught by some guy who wore a purple sweatervest. Basic color was taught by Koos Eissen, who is if you remember, my drawing nerd crush.

So at this point, it’s even. And it ends up that both classes are traditional classes in disguise. Human figure was just normal models and charcoal (charted territory, but interesting subject). Basic color was of products and watercolor (boring subject, but new media).

But just one look at the watercolor examples decided everything for me. And I’m really glad I did it. My drawings are nowhere near the quality of anyone else, but for once I think I improved a little bit during the period of the class. I’ve never used watercolor before as a serious medium. They were just in those cheap kits for kids, with the crappy, brightly-colored plastic handle brush with black, synthetic bristles.

And actually, today I got my drawings back from Koos, who gave me a passing mark for the class AND said “They were nice.”


It ends up I had purple sweatervest guy for my other drawing elective, of which I will write at a later time.

Dutch poster design
April 17, 2009, 12:07 am
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There’s this design competition I want to enter, in which we design Delft business gifts. The email advert is below. It struck me as rather Dutch in that low context communication = lots of text to explicitly say all details, as well as a little of the bluntness when it talks about the deadline in the middle of the page.


It’s okay if you don’t find it that funny. But I am interested in entering at least one idea, maybe with Alazne, so it could be nice.

smells good
March 3, 2009, 10:50 am
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smell jars for workshop

smell jars for workshop

International Flavors & Fragrance Inc. (IFF) held a “smell workshop” in my Multisensory Design class a couple weeks ago. It was rather nostril-opening, since I didn’t know much about designing smells. For others who don’t either, there’s several categories (citrus, woods, etc.) that can be orchestrated sort of like music – top notes (what you smell first), heart (after top note fades), and base (what stays long after, ex: detergent).  Smells also trigger color associations rather consistently, so having a blue smell for an orange product could be confusing.

We received about a dozen small jars of smell pellets to experiment with, to come up with a smell for a design brief with a partner.  Mine was to be lavender, suitable for Malaysian bar soap, feminine, relaxing, and contemporary.  We submitted under numbers and then rated the other smells.  The smells that are closest to the design brief and liked the most win.
Happy fragranceHappy bottle
And guess what?  My partner and I won for our brief!  I received Happy from Clinique that smells more cheerful than I am on a usual basis, so I’ll try to be happier to make use of it.  They gave it to us in the IFF bottles, because they make the scents while the company makes the bottles.  Funny how much appearance changes the perception of something like perfume.

And now, more Dutch for the soul:
“gratis monsters” = free samples
NOT “free monsters”

(I was a little disappointed.)

the zen of dishwashing
February 12, 2009, 11:05 pm
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My form study class had its exhibition opening today.  Here are some shots of my model in the photo studio, the exhibition, and the main area of my faculty building.

flickr album

accompanying poster

accompanying poster

exhibition opening
February 12, 2009, 3:04 am
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it’s coming…


cool design stuff
February 3, 2009, 12:10 am
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aquarium sink!

aquarium sink!

While I’m on a posting spree, this one was delayed from the early days of the second quarter, when I was doing research on existing products for Domestic Appliances in the vague direction of keeping food fresh.

Not all of the things here are related, but that’s how internet surfing goes. Strangely, that’s something I don’t really do too often. Does this have to do with lack of involvement with Web 2.0 again?

Some products were found on a site called popgadget, a personal technology site devoted to women, but many seem good for either sex.

foldable tableware!

foldable tableware!

pins make stained shirts wearable again

pins make stained shirts wearable again

a different sort of fruit holder

a different sort of fruit holder

a sleek vacuum packaging device

a sleek vacuum packaging device that is better designed than anything I would have thought of