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minor accomplishment
June 6, 2009, 3:49 pm
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Last night I gave Lu a ride on my bike!  A minor breakthrough in bicycle culture immersion.

photo update
March 18, 2009, 11:44 pm
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Approaching the end of the quarter, but I don’t want to leave this blog so stale. Here are some things that have been happening, click on the images to see the albums.

maart 6: just getting nice enough for me to ride my bike randomly out of delft again

maart 6: just getting nice enough for me to ride my bike randomly out of delft again

maart 7: museum nacht in rotterdam

maart 7: museum nacht in rotterdam

maart 8: first nice day in a while

who hate yeh?
February 21, 2009, 6:34 pm
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Dutch class is going better (I actually like it!  Except for the tests…), but I feel more confident in writing and reading than speaking.  My favorite lessons are the ones that involve food, since that was my main exposure to Dutch before I started taking class.

But sometimes I’m still immature and think little things are funny.  Audio clips are borrowed from the text.

Hoe heet jij? = What’s your name? (But is closer to “Cómo te llamas?” in that another way to ask in Dutch is “Wat is jouw naam?”)

donker = dark.  You can hear it in this example sentence that means “The days become shorter: it gets dark earlier.”
De dagen worden korter: het wordt vroeg donker

vaak = often.  The sentence below means “We ask these sorts of questions often.”
Dit soort vragen stellen we vaak.

verblijfsvergunning = residence permit.  It’s the longest word I’ve seen in the text.

Wat jammer = “What a pity”

And there’s no word for cereal.  It doesn’t really exist.

And my friend Daniël told me there’s no word for “race.”  They made up a verb “racen,” but before borrowing that from English, there was no way (or reason?) to have a word for competitively riding anything.  Just “snel rijden,” which is to “ride fast.”

That could explain why it’s so easy to pass people on the way to school.  But sometimes they’re more concerned with doing other things.

I know it shouldn't be surprising, but seeing people hold hands while biking is still kind of cute.

I know it shouldn't be surprising, but seeing people hold hands while biking is still kind of cute.

3-picture Sunday
September 29, 2008, 12:12 am
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1) New graffiti on the way to the city center. I may start paying more attention to the walls to see how often it changes.
2) Henri, Yoshi, and I took the scenic route to Burger King today, that is by the highway. The area was surrounded by a canal, so we had to lift a gate to get on to the exit ramp with our bikes. The inside was decked out more than any real Burger King would be too.
3) Robin and I checked out a pool hall that was down the street from Poptahof. Felt a little like a hotel lounge, and it almost played some decent music.

September 14, 2008, 8:37 pm
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Today after sleeping an ungodly amount, I decided to find a nice park to do some work.  I started by checking out Kerkpolderbad, one of the two places TU Delft’s swimming association WAVE trains at during the week, since it has a park around it.  It was cute, but not somewhere I wanted to settle down.  I continued on to find the mythical Chinese restaurant with somewhat high prices, and then I decided going South to see Abtswoudsepark was a good idea.  These Dutch names don’t mean much to you, but they don’t mean that much to me either, especially when I’m looking on a map.

In short, I ended up never really stopping to work and biking over 15 miles today total, with much through the countryside.  Almost to the fringes of Rotterdam, but had I just gone in a straight line to begin with I probably would have made it.

today's route


(original link here, made with the help of gmap-pedometer, thanks!)

The cool part about biking around was that I saw people of a wide age range.  Rollerblading also seemed popular (females of couples would be blading, with their boyfriends biking and carrying their stuff).  I also saw one guy training for cross-country on skates, a golf course (did you know you need a license to golf here?), and lots of cows and even some horses, yay!  I did see windmills in the distance, but decided to leave that to another day since my legs were kind of giving out.