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September 14, 2008, 8:37 pm
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Today after sleeping an ungodly amount, I decided to find a nice park to do some work.  I started by checking out Kerkpolderbad, one of the two places TU Delft’s swimming association WAVE trains at during the week, since it has a park around it.  It was cute, but not somewhere I wanted to settle down.  I continued on to find the mythical Chinese restaurant with somewhat high prices, and then I decided going South to see Abtswoudsepark was a good idea.  These Dutch names don’t mean much to you, but they don’t mean that much to me either, especially when I’m looking on a map.

In short, I ended up never really stopping to work and biking over 15 miles today total, with much through the countryside.  Almost to the fringes of Rotterdam, but had I just gone in a straight line to begin with I probably would have made it.

today's route


(original link here, made with the help of gmap-pedometer, thanks!)

The cool part about biking around was that I saw people of a wide age range.  Rollerblading also seemed popular (females of couples would be blading, with their boyfriends biking and carrying their stuff).  I also saw one guy training for cross-country on skates, a golf course (did you know you need a license to golf here?), and lots of cows and even some horses, yay!  I did see windmills in the distance, but decided to leave that to another day since my legs were kind of giving out.