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basic color skills to pay the bills
June 30, 2009, 1:47 am
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I uploaded some quick shots of one of my drawing electives this quarter.

a sander... or a lizard?  click for flickr

table sander

At first I was in agony over which classes to take this quarter, in particular how to spend 4 hours every Tuesday afternoon: “Drawing the Human Figure” or “Basic Colour Skills.” Koos warned me the former was the most difficult drawing class offered, but basic color sounds like it could be… well, lamer.

The system here is that you have to attend the first lecture to get into the class. Both being at the same time and worth the same amount of ECTS, the ten minutes before the first class I was running back and forth between drawing rooms, trying to decide which class to take based on who else was taking it. Human figure has favorite people from Multisensory! Basic color looks… unfamiliar and sedated.

Eventually I found the teachers, also making it difficult. Human figure was taught by some guy who wore a purple sweatervest. Basic color was taught by Koos Eissen, who is if you remember, my drawing nerd crush.

So at this point, it’s even. And it ends up that both classes are traditional classes in disguise. Human figure was just normal models and charcoal (charted territory, but interesting subject). Basic color was of products and watercolor (boring subject, but new media).

But just one look at the watercolor examples decided everything for me. And I’m really glad I did it. My drawings are nowhere near the quality of anyone else, but for once I think I improved a little bit during the period of the class. I’ve never used watercolor before as a serious medium. They were just in those cheap kits for kids, with the crappy, brightly-colored plastic handle brush with black, synthetic bristles.

And actually, today I got my drawings back from Koos, who gave me a passing mark for the class AND said “They were nice.”


It ends up I had purple sweatervest guy for my other drawing elective, of which I will write at a later time.


figure drawing: ink and paint
April 9, 2009, 5:37 pm
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IMG_5496 IMG_5510

New images uploaded to the drawing set. Ink was a nice change from charcoal, but I tended to feel too stiff and timid about everything I put down. (Not many images from that, I was also missing my camera from one of the weeks.)

Last week we started with black paint, but treated it like ink (mixing black paint with just water), so I still felt stiff. Once we had white paint last night, though, everything felt like a lot less effort. Hopefully it shows.

February 26, 2009, 3:12 am
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More drawing class tonight. Posting it here, because I gave the excuse for taking pictures, “So I can show my mom.” :P