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unproductive productivity
November 24, 2008, 11:59 pm
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I came home last night after watching Cloverfield and went on a cleaning/organizing spree that started with the dishes, then proceeded to the kitchen, and ended with my staying up all night going through all my finances since I got here.  The picture below is just a few receipts from my frequent grocery runs to C1000, one of the three supermarkets in my area.


I also realized that I could also keep track of the cashiers’ names and started a tally of who has served me the most.  (Hallo Seborah.)  Cindy and Jeanne are tied for second.  I started trying to diversify my cashier when I was going there more than three times a week.

And now I can also start keeping rough track of how much I’m spending on what.  Unfortunately I am missing some relevant information, so to reconcile my cash expenses I have a slush expense called “boozin’,” because in the absolute worst case scenario I would have spent all the rest on going out.  (Slightly unrealistic, but seeing it in my statement will be a nice reminder.)

norman 2008.11.20 - 12

DA dinner 2008.11.19 - 08

I also caved and paid for a flickr account so I can show more pictures in a pretty fashion that isn’t facebook-dependent.  Like watching a baby learn to walk, maybe you’ll see some more sophisticated photo management out of me in the future.

I uploaded other photos from the Donald Norman excursion (it was held in the Design Huis of Eindhoven, so there were some exhibits to see), and I also put up pictures from my Domestic Appliances inspirational dinner last Wednesday after a product imaging workshop with Philips.

At this phase of the class, we are developing individual concepts based on the research we did as a group in the first quarter.  To test out and learn more about some of our concepts, my group held a long-due inspirational dinner.  Ivo (glasses) is making a tofu squeezer and marinater, Elliot (plaid shirt) is interested in making steaming more accessible, and Suyanto (last guy) is interested in increasing nutritional knowledge and balanced eating.  We kind of failed to steam anything, but we did make tofu, sushi, noodles, green beans, and ice cream with fruit chunks and pineapple glaze.


Podcasts for the Soul
September 14, 2008, 10:18 pm
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Since I have no TV, I’ve started listening to podcasts to give my eyes a break.  Aside from NPR and some NYT, here are two that I find noteworthy:

The Horror! by Relic Radio airs stuff I would have done with WMBR had I not been so lazy.  I guess I’m a sucker for old school sound effects and voice acting.  I haven’t listened to all of them, but I thought “The Tell Tale Heart” was rather nice.

Simply Ming just has awesome videos of Ming Tsai performing some basic culinary skills and some super ones like his breaking down a chicken.

Apologies for the sudden deluge of posts, I try to separate these by subject.  (There are still things to add, but I should do some work…)

Where I live… but how do I eat?
September 14, 2008, 7:38 pm
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I had some adjustments to make with some aspects of the flat, but my main concern now is how to get by with just a fridge and a gas stove top.  (I actually discovered that there was no freezer after I had bought some frozen vegetables from the supermarket my first night.  I was also lucky to have a box of matches on me, since the stove top doesn’t have ignition.)

I first panicked at the lack of a microwave, since Andy and I had gotten by without an oven during IAP, but I had no clue how to reheat food without one.  In fact, I had to look up references like this, which I looked up only today and have yet to apply this recent knowledge.

So far I’ve been eating everything or dining on cold leftovers, so warm food has become this strange commodity (though the Dutch typically eat cold lunches).  I am thinking of getting a toaster oven and an icebox, since living without a microwave might make me eat healthier, but any tips on surviving would be great.  (Or the benefits of toaster oven v. normal oven.)

I do have to note that our flat does smell nice, since half of Tsigereda’s luggage was food and spices.

Documentation begins!
September 6, 2008, 5:04 pm
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On Saturdays (and some other days) the market is open in the old city center.  Today there was a Bocce tournament (I forgot the Dutch term for the game) in the market square.  In short, there is a wooden ball that everyone else tries to throw their metal balls closest to, kind of like shuffleboard.  And it’s on sand, so they dumped a bunch of sand in the middle of the square.

I saw Shauna and Aleksander(sp?) play from afar (Shauna = MIT alum who is finishing up MSc IPD, Aleksander = International Student mentor, also IPD).  Otherwise I walked around looking at the stands that sold a big variety of vintage-looking stuff.  I was actually looking for produce so I could make guacamole, but maybe I got there on the wrong day…  (Still need to figure that one out.)

Delft is pretty much a village – there’s a bunch of small shops, and many things are closed on Sunday and early during the week.  Supermarkets are my friend.  I have yet to visit the new city center, however.  So far I’ve just been hanging around the old city center where things look rather cute.

Look to the images and descriptions for further detail.  I’m also futzing with wordpress features, so bear with me as minor awkward visual details appear in this blog.

We have landed and made contact.
August 31, 2008, 10:57 pm
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I arrived in the Netherlands on Thursday, August 21.  Since then I have gone to a one week program (“summer school”) for international students and met people from around the world.  I share a flat with an Ethiopian girl who is studying Computer Science, also at TU Delft.  I am still getting settled into Delft, but buying a bike and a phone (albeit prepaid) makes things a lot easier.

I actually meet my faculty (Industrial Design Engineering) tomorrow.  I will make note of more things, but so far little things that are different include dedicated bike paths and traffic lights, a distinct lack of helmets, an abundance of fried food with mysterious contents, one-way paths for supermarkets, and a bathroom mirror subconsciously placed for tall people.