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February 2, 2009, 7:57 pm
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Lilli and I volunteered for the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. She was crazier and had 10+ shifts to gain free admission to any film, while I could only squeeze in 4 (but one got canceled) because the past couple weeks had exams and deadlines for final projects. We were “zaalwacht,” a.k.a. screening attendants.

I was at a smaller venue (whatever could fit my schedule), Lantaren/Venster. It seemed rather cozy. The first time was kind of rough because I didn’t speak Dutch, nor did I attend the training session because of work and the inauguration, and I was already running late when I got myself lost en route. But I did meet some nice people during the shifts, some of whom do cool stuff with art, so that was nice. And of course, I got to see a handful of “interesting” films while on duty:

“Tokyo Sonata” – a Japanese film featuring a slightly dysfunctional family.  The father loses his job and can’t tell his wife, the older son joins the U.S. army, the younger son wants to play piano but isn’t allowed lessons, and the mother feels removed from her housewife life.

“Roma” – a Mexican short where an older factory worker who helps out a runaway girl.

“Almost” – a sad Israeli short telling the story of how the Israeli filmmaker fell in love with a Nigerian on a shoot in Africa, but he is later diagnosed with AIDS.

“Goodbye” – a Japanese film where a young woman can’t seem to cope when her boyfriend gets contaminated by plutonium and leaves her.

“Spyder” – a Japanese film shot entirely on a camera phone. A girl has a falling problem and forgets her identity. She has emotional issues as well. Many people left before the end of this one…

“Hardcore Chambermusic” – a trio decides to play 30 sets in 30 days. The result is a 73-minute film.

Last night the festival ended, with a nice volunteer party in the Schouwburg.

I miss LSC.


I have good friends
November 7, 2008, 2:08 am
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I always thought that having the TNT post guy come to your door with oversized items was a myth, but I happened to be home and got two awesome things today: English tea from Sungyon and a shit ton of Copic markers from Kristina. Holy crap, I love you.

Kristina also sent out scarves, sparkle sponges, and crazy dishwashing gloves a while back to Pink Staples, and it eerily arrived coincidentally the day after I decided on my dishwashing ritual for class.

And Stephanie has been sending me postcards. I think you’re putting enough postage on them, so stop worrying.

And last, but not least, I requested an LSC calendar so I could look at my term at a glance. I got like 3 because I didn’t know what colors to pick to go with my room.

Tomorrow I leave to go around Germany for a few days before the next quarter settles down on me.

And yes, I stayed up all night watching the polls and Obama’s speech live. … Hooray!
And yes, there is still sadness on the LGBT front…