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Where I live… but how do I eat?
September 14, 2008, 7:38 pm
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I had some adjustments to make with some aspects of the flat, but my main concern now is how to get by with just a fridge and a gas stove top.  (I actually discovered that there was no freezer after I had bought some frozen vegetables from the supermarket my first night.  I was also lucky to have a box of matches on me, since the stove top doesn’t have ignition.)

I first panicked at the lack of a microwave, since Andy and I had gotten by without an oven during IAP, but I had no clue how to reheat food without one.  In fact, I had to look up references like this, which I looked up only today and have yet to apply this recent knowledge.

So far I’ve been eating everything or dining on cold leftovers, so warm food has become this strange commodity (though the Dutch typically eat cold lunches).  I am thinking of getting a toaster oven and an icebox, since living without a microwave might make me eat healthier, but any tips on surviving would be great.  (Or the benefits of toaster oven v. normal oven.)

I do have to note that our flat does smell nice, since half of Tsigereda’s luggage was food and spices.