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September 8, 2008, 7:03 pm
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Help Desk Guy!
Really, MIT?  It’s cute, but in some of the scenarios I’m a little confused as to whether Help Desk Guy is actually rubbing it in rather than helping.

… Passport-less Girl!
I was screwed over today because I left it at home.  Short story: I still have a balance of 0.01 euros in the bank, I am still without a T-mobile contract, and my prepaid phone is still out of minutes.

… DHL Guy!
After being pretty sure my degree and transcript should have come already, I asked for a tracking number from MIT and saw that indeed, they were somewhere near.  And indeed, someone has to sign for it (crap).  As I read the tracking information I almost felt a little sad for the delivery guy (as if it’s actually the same person).

… Ethiopian pasta sauce!
Tsigereda asked if there was something she could do to make anything better, and I suggested that we make dinner together.  Through the course of this I found out that (1) she doesn’t know I have been cooking, (2) she doesn’t like pasta, and (3) she had actually already eaten dinner.

Oh well, thanks for the food…  (I actually liked the ground red pepper.)