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September 6, 2008, 5:04 pm
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On Saturdays (and some other days) the market is open in the old city center.  Today there was a Bocce tournament (I forgot the Dutch term for the game) in the market square.  In short, there is a wooden ball that everyone else tries to throw their metal balls closest to, kind of like shuffleboard.  And it’s on sand, so they dumped a bunch of sand in the middle of the square.

I saw Shauna and Aleksander(sp?) play from afar (Shauna = MIT alum who is finishing up MSc IPD, Aleksander = International Student mentor, also IPD).  Otherwise I walked around looking at the stands that sold a big variety of vintage-looking stuff.  I was actually looking for produce so I could make guacamole, but maybe I got there on the wrong day…  (Still need to figure that one out.)

Delft is pretty much a village – there’s a bunch of small shops, and many things are closed on Sunday and early during the week.  Supermarkets are my friend.  I have yet to visit the new city center, however.  So far I’ve just been hanging around the old city center where things look rather cute.

Look to the images and descriptions for further detail.  I’m also futzing with wordpress features, so bear with me as minor awkward visual details appear in this blog.